Supply chain management is launching a benefits revolution

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A few months before adviser Mick Rodgers of Boston’s Axial Benefits Group was named EBA’s 2017 Employee Benefit Adviser of the Year, he and 29 other forward-thinking benefits advisers from across the country signed their name to the “Declaration by NextGeneration Benefits Advisers” that declares nothing less than a revolution in employee benefits.

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Trump’s New Orders and the Effect on Group Markets

After months of failed efforts by Congressional Republicans to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, President Trump has stepped in with two sweeping changes that will likely reverberate throughout the health insurance system.

The main order he issued immediately eliminates subsidies that are paid to health insurers that participate in government-run exchanges to reduce deductibles and copays for lower-income customers.Read More

After IRS Tweak Be Careful that You’re Complying with Affordability Test

Now that the final attempt (this year) at dismantling the Affordable Care Act came to a quiet end in the last week of September, employers need make sure that they stay on track with compliance.

First and foremost is that the ACA’s employer mandate and shared responsibility provisions still stand. That includes the affordability test, to which employers need to pay special attention, as increases in premium can put some of your employees over the edge into “unaffordable” coverage territory.

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