How to Buy Benefits Like Walmart

Big brands focus on what matters – outcomes. Follow the leaders and register for this in-depth session on the epidemic that impacts quality of care and your bottom line.

C-Suites, and Business Owners will discover a new approach on how to fund employee benefits, as well as the strategies and tactics to get you there. This session is all about the bottom line and bottom line–  you will learn how to buy benefits (and tackle the health spend) like Walmart.

  • Dissect the leading factors driving your premiums and claims

  • Discover new solutions to significantly shift the health spend and protect your plan members

  • Hear the success stories of today’s leading organizations and how you can structure the strategy for your own business


Tuesdays and Thursdays


11:00am – 11:50am EST



About the Speaker

John W. Sbrocco

As a leading healthcare risk manager and benefits consultant, John W. Sbrocco, CSFS has built a reputation based on transparency and results. Most notably, John’s clients often point to his ability to implement complex risk management solutions in a way that’s digestible, actionable and more importantly, measurable.

These core values along with John’s skill set fueled the growth of his companies, Questige Consulting and Achieve Health Alliance. Despite the success of his companies, John’s ultimate goal is to change the unsustainable way that businesses currently approach health care.

Best Selling Author

Breaking through the Status Quo

As an author, John puts many of his most effective practices onto paper. Not afraid to give away trade secrets, John feels sharing his innovative strategies will ultimately aid in his cause of Breaking Through the Status Quo of the current state of employee benefits.

John’s biggest goal is to put the consumerism back into insurance by showing employers that they have alternative options to choose from rather than just continuing to accept drastic renewal increases for lower quality insurance.


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