John W. Sbrocco Lands March 2018 Employee Benefit Adviser Cover

This year’s group of standout advisers ages 35 and younger is taking charge of the employee benefit supply chain with a determination to reduce costs and improve client outcomes. They’re creating employer coalitions. They’re negotiating with stop-loss carriers. They’re streamlining technology. They’re owning employee engagement. And that extends to their internal employees as well. The 2018 Rising Star in Advising — chosen by the EBA editorial team after a month-long online nomination process — are compassionate leaders who practice what they preach, allowing flexible work hours and seamlessly integrating cultures as brokerages merge.


John W. Sbrocco Receives Dual Prestigious Industry Accolades

John Sbrocco, Principal Healthcare Strategist at Questige, has received two industry honors for his ability to create and deliver high-risk management and cost-saving strategies to clients. The Association for Insurance Leadership presented the 2018 NextGeneration Award to Sbrocco earlier this year, shortly followed by being dubbed 2018’s Rising Star by the Employee Benefits Association.

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Tom Emerick Joins the Questige Team

Questige is proud to announce and welcome Tom Emerick as a new health care advisor. Emerick brings a wealth of knowledge to new and existing clients as the top consultant for Burger King, British Petroleum and Walmart. His first project will reveal cost containment insights, strategies and case studies for an upcoming webinar “How to Buy Benefits & Build a Strategy like Walmart” on May 15, 2018, at 11:00 AM ET.

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How adviser John Sbrocco is able to return money to clients

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John Sbrocco likes winning. That was his goal as a professional poker player earlier in life and he’s still at it as CEO of Questige Consulting.

But now running over the table means besting insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers and lowering healthcare costs for his customers, most of which are partially or fully self-insured.

“By focusing on a strategy that drives immediate impact to the supply chain, it allows us to produce negative trend for clients,” Sbrocco says. “Our top goal is for them to pay less now than they did five years ago.”

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Supply chain management is launching a benefits revolution

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A few months before adviser Mick Rodgers of Boston’s Axial Benefits Group was named EBA’s 2017 Employee Benefit Adviser of the Year, he and 29 other forward-thinking benefits advisers from across the country signed their name to the “Declaration by NextGeneration Benefits Advisers” that declares nothing less than a revolution in employee benefits.

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Manage expectations

Open enrollment is upon us! That means long days on top of sleepless nights and weekends just to keep up with the fourth quarter rush. Despite the fact that every year we tweak and tighten our procedures to make things go smoother, we’ve found that there’s no avoiding the stress of enrollment. While there are certainly a multitude of moving parts in this process, many of which are completely outside of our control, there’s always one tried and true practice we must keep in mind. That, of course  Click here to read more