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John W. Sbrocco

As a leading healthcare strategist and benefit adviser, John W. Sbrocco, CSFS has built a reputation based on outcomes. Most notably, John’s clients often point to his ability to implement solutions in a way that’s measurable, repeatable and predictable.

These core values along with John’s skill set fueled the growth of his companies, Questige and Achieve Health Alliance. Despite the success of his companies, John’s ultimate goal is to change the unsustainable way in which businesses currently approach health care.

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Quick facts…

  • 2x Best-Selling Author
  • Featured On-Air Healthcare Expert
  • Certified Self-Funding Specialist
  • 2018 EBA Magazine Rising Star
  • 2018 Next Generation Benefit Adviser Award Winner

2018 EBA Rising Star

We’re humbled to announce that Employee Benefit Adviser Magazine has named John W. Sbrocco EBA Rising Star for 2018. Along with this honor was the privilege of getting featured on the cover and an in-depth article highlighting John’s unique approach to advising.

Well Recognized

It’s safe to say that 2018 was a milestone year for our very own, John W. Sbrocco. John invests so much time and energy into researching and developing new strategies that create drastic savings for his clients. While client outcomes are always top priority, having those outcomes recognized by the industry’s top authorities is very rewarding.
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The BIG Question with Larry King

Our very own John W. Sbrocco has teamed with Larry King to release The Big Question – a comprehensive playbook from the country’s top leaders & entrepreneurs. Learn from their personal stories of triumph to help you in health, wealth and success.

Pre-order the book today and we’ll send a complimentary copy directly to your doorstep (or desk).


Trust the Process

Click below to watch a video testimonial from one of John’s clients.

I’m not interested in being part of the status quo…

I’m here to disrupt it.

Breaking Through the Status Quo

As an author, John puts many of his most effective practices onto paper. Not afraid to give away trade secrets, John feels sharing his innovative strategies will ultimately aid in his cause of Breaking Through the Status Quo of the current state of employee benefits.


Emphatically Endorsed

Lots of companies say they are interested in reducing health care costs, but not nearly enough are committed. If you’re ready for a little less talk and a lot more action, then John is the consultant you need. Saving money for clients isn’t a book report or theoretical for John – he delivers bottom line results and guarantees his performance. Of course, you have to be committed to implementing a proven methodology that’s worked for other businesses just like you.
Craig Lack
Craig Lack
Nationally-recognized health care expert, bestselling author and creator of Performance Based Health Plans, Craig has been referred to by Inc. Magazine as “The most effective consultant you’ve never heard of.”
I believe John and his solutions for helping control health costs are excellent. For many of his solutions the employees save money, the employees get better healthcare, and the plan saves money. His solutions are ones that get hard dollar savings in a way that is friendly to employees. Further, John has very high ethical standards and will be very transparent in terms of his fees and commissions. These attributes set him apart from many benefit consultant and brokers.
Tom Emerick
Tom Emerick
Author of acclaimed book, Cracking Health Costs and consultant for Burger King Corporation, British Petroleum, American Fidelity Assurance Company and most recently, Walmart Stores, Inc.

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