Just checkin’ in

Here’s how we got to this exciting moment. 

Our healthcare strategies help us to minimize premiums and maximize benefits, but that’s not our only goal. In many cases, we also get the thrill of delivering a lump-sum refund of unused premiums in form of a check.

  • Before we were brought in, JS&C was facing a 20% renewal increase of their fully-insured plan. 

  • Year one with Questige, we qualified and set them up with a level-funded plan that took 25% off of previous premium costs.

  • We capped off our yearly review meeting by presenting them with a surplus check for $85,935 for unused premium. 

  • JS&C is currently on track for a 20% decrease of total spend for 2017. More to come, our projections have them continuing to trending down for the next 5 years. 


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