New Legislation Takes Aim at the Employer Mandate

After managing to jettison the individual mandate requiring U.S. adults to carry health coverage, efforts are afoot in Congress to do away with the Affordable Care Act employer mandate, although there seem to be mixed views on the reality of the legislation making it to the president’s desk.

One bill, HR 4616, is currently in the House Ways and Means Committee awaiting further amendments before a vote can be made on it. The measure would suspend penalties for the employer mandate for 2015 through 2019, as well as postpone implementation of the “Cadillac tax” on high-cost employer-sponsored health plans for one more year, until 2022.Read More

Legislation Takes Aim at ACA Taxes, Penalties

House Republicans are taking another shot at dismantling the Affordable Care Act, this time taking aim at taxes and penalties related to the divisive health care law.

They have also inserted language into the joint-chamber tax bill that would eliminate ACA penalties for people who fail to secure health insurance if they do not get it from their employers.Read More