GM Takes a Big Step towards Tackling Health Care Costs, Quality

As employers continue trying to figure out how to reduce their business’s and their employees’ health insurance outlays while providing quality care, some companies are taking bold steps and experimenting with new models of coverage.

General Motors is the latest large employer to take a stab at experimenting with its health insurance model for its workers. It’s doing so by contracting with the Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System to provide health services to 24,000 of its salaried employees and their dependents.Read More

Skyrocketing Drug Prices Threaten Health Insurance Model

The US is experiencing a prescription drug pricing epidemic, and some drug companies are driving a wedge into the health insurance model by severely jacking up pharmaceutical prices to astronomical levels.

Unfortunately, the cost of some drugs has become so extreme that by paying for one prescription it could take decades to recoup the cost in premium collections.Read More