Legislation Takes Aim at ACA Taxes, Penalties

House Republicans are taking another shot at dismantling the Affordable Care Act, this time taking aim at taxes and penalties related to the divisive health care law.

They have also inserted language into the joint-chamber tax bill that would eliminate ACA penalties for people who fail to secure health insurance if they do not get it from their employers.Read More

Senate Works to Save CSR Payments, but Too Late for 2018

The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to reduce cost sharing (deductibles and copays) in silver-level plans for marketplace enrollees with incomes below 250% of the federal poverty line. Until now, insurers have relied on offsetting payments from the federal government to provide this feature.

These payments amounted to $7 billion for fiscal year 2017, $10 billion for 2018 and will reach $16 billion by 2027.Read More