Mabel Jong, World Congress Correspondent, sat down with John W. Sbrocco with Questige to discuss the current state of employee benefits. With premiums on the rise, many employers are at the point where they’ve grown to accept health care cost increases as status quo. Here at The Bureau, we’ll arm you with tools and strategies to #breakthestatusquo.

14th Annual World Health Care Congress

I was recently invited to the 14th Annual World Health Care Congress in DC this year and it was an amazing experience. To be at an event that has so many great solutions for employers, this is not an event you can afford to miss! Sharing ideas with some of the top minds in the industry like Craig Lack, Tom Emerick, Gary Becker, and Dave Contorno is invaluable to my clients.

Shaping Transparent Benefits Consulting

Health Rosetta-Dave Chase

My first event was regarding the new certification that all employers should look for when hiring a benefits consultant. “Health Rosetta” is the blueprint for high-performance health benefits. It is broken down into foundational components that pull the big levers when it comes to cost containment. This specific event was focused on Transparent advisor relationships. How can we expect to be trusted by employers if we are following the same practices as the insurance carriers and providers? Right now, there are too many hands in the cookie jar of employers and we as consultants need to start to expose them. Being fully transparent in what drives our revenues and recommendations will help lead the way. I look forward to the rollout of the new certification that will be a must-have in our industry.

Health City Cayman Islands “The Future of Health Care”

When you think about the experience members have with the delivery of health care, most if not all members would typically have a negative view on their experience. What if the experience had made you feel like a King with the red carpet rolled out for you. A place that coordinated every step of your surgery from the ride to the facility to the pillow being fluffed at your hotel room overlooking the ocean while you recover. Did I mention having the surgery in a state-of-the-art facility with world internationally-renowned doctors? Health City is the future of health care and this model should be brought to the US immediately. Fortunately, self-funded employers can utilize their services in their plan. They have truly hit it out of the park with quality, compassion, and affordability. I know where I will be going should I need a surgery, do you or your employees?